KRC NZ LIMITED is a research and development company dedicated to the development of fully automated trading systems for the foreign exchange markets. KRC NZ LIMITED firmly believes that these are the two most suitable platforms for the development of automated software platforms.

On KRC NZ LIMITED’s automated software, the connectivity of test data with the historical database is required to go through at least 9 years of testing to ensure that all data parameters can be successfully used for a variety of changes in the market. Of course, a valuable basis for reference can then be obtained from the background tests. KRC NZ LIMITED products will help customers achieve success and maximum profits in conducting in the real market.

In global software markets, KRC NZ LIMITED’s automated online software systems have provided a very personal and unique service. KRC NZ LIMITED has a firm commitment to providing services to its private and institutional customers and to maintain a long-term relationship with them.

In order to achieve its business objectives, KRC NZ LIMITED strives to meet its customer's profitability goals. It attaches great importance to its customers and strives to protect their confidentiality and continued competitive edge. KRC NZ LIMITED prides itself in never failing to achieve its objective—surpassing the expectations of customers and market limitations.

KRC NZ LIMITED’s fastest trading command and ordering system will also be introduced in 2011. In the future, customers will be able to access important reference indicators through command and ordering system in the rapidly changing and uncertain automated software markets, so that they can make a determination whether to enter or exit the market. Using simplified methods to obtain the most accurate information, our customers can easily achieve high-quality ,Customers will have of their own managers.

Asia remains the focus of our global development efforts. We will be expanding our software services to Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. We are also about to launch the fastest trading command ordering system in mainland China, which will be an extension of our direct service, in the hope of enhancing the quality of software service to our customers. In 2010 Q2 our target is to begin providing services in Shanghai. We believe KRC NZ LIMITED’s automated software services services will be extended beyond national boundaries, and we also believe this is the dawn of a new era in software services.

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