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The historical performance published by strategy signal does not necessarily reflect future performance. In fact, it is possible for any account to incur losses, and results are in fact likely to differ. Many other factors exist that affect the market as a whole or any specific trading scheme and the success of foreign exchange trading depends on many factors, including but not limited to trading methods and the trader’s state of mind. This website makes no recommendations stating the suitability of any strategies to you, and nor does the website make any statements recommending certain strategies that will be profitable for you. Please understand the risk involved and consult professionals before investing. For the trading strategies described on the website, please review and understand fully the nature of the transaction, understand the related risks and the scope of the transaction. If you decide to make use of these strategy signals, it will be a decision made entirely by yourself. Spot foreign exchange trading involves significant risk, and the possibility of potential loss. Your trading results may vary. As the risk factor of trading in the foreign exchange market is high, only truly idle funds should be used in such trading. If you do not have any idle funds to bear the loss, you should not invest in foreign exchange market. There is no such thing as perfectly “safe” trading, and no one can guarantee profits or be able to prevent losses.

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